Decision fatigue is the new adrenal fatigue

Have you been feeling lethargic, energetically depleted, emotional, unmotivated and don’t know why? Chances are, you have decision fatigue (AKA COVID fatigue). Whilst adrenal fatigue used to be all the rage, something new is in town and it’s a result of the pandemic hitting us smack bang in the face in mid-March as the world essentially shut down.

For a lot of us, we’ve been separated from our loved ones, unable to live a normal life and some people have lost their jobs, livelihood and their mental health is going down the drain. It’s exhausting.

The topic of everyone’s conversation is how BS this all is, and there’s really not much else to talk about. Most people aren’t able to go on their epic holidays, yearly ski trips and many of us can’t even plan for an exciting 2021. And it’s leaving us drained of life force energy. (Also called Chi energy).

As a globe we have faced the need to make big business decisions, family decisions, location decicions and of course the constant waiting for new rules to come into play, and it’s really hurting our mental health and our adrenals. We are being inundated with decisions to make both big and small. Like ‘do I get an Uber’, “should I move back home?” and “what about Christmas?”

The unknown is also exhausting. As humans, plans and knowing what lies ahead makes us feel safe and comfortable. It keeps our nervous system in a rest and digest state. SO not knowing the future and being able to make plans is causing a lot of us to be in a constant state of fight or flight. Overtime this is causing us to loose motivation, gain weight, our health to go down the drain and our libido to be diminished.

“Whether you’ve had a small or large change in your reality, it’s still a change and you’re still allowed to complain about it.”

Our brains are tired from the effort, the planning and the emotional strain. Our bodies are exhausted from carrying the stress, anxiety and worry. Now whilst I’m magical, I can’t unfortunately flick a switch and make it go away, but I can tell you these things:

1.Create safety in the unknown. If you are a client of mine, you know how to do this ;) and if you’re not a client, as a basic into — figure out what makes you feel safe and make sure you are anchoring into that every day.

2. Give yourself permission to be inconsistent with your days. You will have good days and bad days and you don’t need to make them mean anything. Having an ugh day doesn’t mean anything bad. it simply just is.

3. Read more and watch less TV. I have personally found (along with majority of my clients) that too much stimulation from the TV causes my nervous system to feel a bit jacked, so I’m opting for a little TV and then reading at night time. The stillness, quietness and tranquility of reading actually allows me to feel more inner peace and less chaos in the world right now. Slowing down really is the key this year to not going insane.

4. Respect boundaries that you need to put in place for your emotional and mental wellbeing. I no longer am allowed to talk to my family and friends about how long it’s been, or what I’m doing for Christmas etc. And they can’t say it back. Talking about this sort of stuff only makes me upset and its not helpful because there is literally nothing I can do about it. Whilst I’m not all for ‘sucking it up’, this year being away from a lot of my loved ones is something I am having to ‘suck up.’

5. Allow your feminine to be seen, heard and needy, allow your emotions to come, allow yourself to feel needy. Allow yourself to want more human connection and touch than normal. Also, where possible, implement masculine things so that your feminine can relax and feel supported. Little examples include getting your groceries delivered to you, planning out which workout you’re doing each day from the online studio, doing self care because you will know you feel better for it, getting a cleaner, going for daily walks even when you don’t want to, because your masculine knows that your feminine will feel nourished afterwards. Booking in dates, meeting new people and talking to friends.

Right now, taking out some decisions will do your body a favour. Work out the things that can be decided at a later date, and don’t worry about then until then (because things keep changing anyway lol) and work out which things can be ‘locked in’ so you don’t have to worry about them (e.g. workouts, grocery deliverers, meal planning etc).

Monica Yates is a trauma healer, feminine/masculine embodiment coach and period whisperer. Monica is also the podcast host of Feminine As F*ck, editor of UNEDITED magazine and an influencer. At the age of only 25, she has built a name for herself as an expert within this realm, as well as a million dollar company. Her mission is to help women clear trauma so they can step into their magnetic feminine energy, as well as help men feel ecstasy and intimacy in the bedroom.




Trauma healer, period whisperer and embodiment witch. Monica helps women get into their magnetic AF feminine energy, and men feel ecstasy and intimacy.

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Monica Yates

Monica Yates

Trauma healer, period whisperer and embodiment witch. Monica helps women get into their magnetic AF feminine energy, and men feel ecstasy and intimacy.

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